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Shopping for a loose diamond or engagement ring? Please enter the information at the left to the best of your knowledge so that we can give you the most accurate response. A Mira Jewellery diamond expert will carefully select options from our large inventory and get back to you promptly with details and pricing on diamonds that best fit your needs. Please note we do not simply list an inventory of diamonds that we have yet to inspect ourselves like mass retailer websites. We examine each diamond thoroughly before presenting it to you as an option. You can schedule an appointment to view these diamonds in person at our Toronto store, or we can proceed remotely via e-mailed videos. To learn more about our diamond selection process Click here


At Mira Jewellery, one of our graduate gemologists will guide you through the custom engagement ring selection process from start to finish. We take special care in helping our clients select the perfect center diamond to complement the ring setting they desire. Every individual has unique requests and preferences for center diamond shape, quality and size. With this in mind we only offer those that best match each individual client’s specifications while still remaining within their target price range. Our gemologists carefully sort through many center diamonds, eliminating a large percentage of unsuitable choices, before presenting the options to you that best fit your needs. In that regard we consider ourselves matchmakers, linking prospective clients to the best available diamond options on the market

We have access to a comprehensive inventory of certified stones in all shapes and sizes so you can be certain we have what you are looking for! In the diamond selection process we present anywhere from two to four center-stone options across similar size, color and clarity ranges for our in-store and online clients to consider. By visually comparing several options side by side, either in person or via e-mailed videos, our clients can make a confident purchase because they are able to see the nuances and details in a diamond that do not necessarily show up on a certificate. We urge them to use these lab reports as a guide and advise against basing their entire purchase solely on the stated grades. This is the reason why we do not simply list a database of loose diamonds on our website which we have yet to inspect ourselves for quality. The strategy commonly used by large scale diamond websites (without a brick and mortar location) is to compete on price and sell in volume, with complete disregard for how this precious stone actually looks and performs in real life which is crucial. In sharp contrast, our team at Mira Jewellery thoroughly previews and examines each option beforehand and will provide you with a detailed description of each diamond along with any necessary videos or photos

When the time is right for you to shop for your engagement ring, Mira Jewellery Jewelry should be your first and last stop. We are here to answer any questions you may have along the way and help guide you to your final decision. We look forward to working with you

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