Handmade Engagement Rings: Toronto Jewellery

At Mira Jewellery of Toronto, we cater to everyone’s taste and offer our clients a large variety of engagement ring styles to choose from. From a simple solitaire to the more elaborate diamond and gemstone creations, Mira is your destination for engagement ring shopping in Toronto City. Recently, we have worked extremely hard to develop our specialized line of mira engagement ring mountings. A piece that is produced by hand is unique and stands out from the rest in its construction and overall precision. Each handmade engagement ring requires hours of labor to be finished by a skilled craftsman, who presses, pulls and twists the metals into their exact position. Because these rings are created by hand, we have the ability to achieve finer, narrower designs with smoother, sharper surfaces- something that machines can not do. As a result of this process, these rings will be denser and more durable, making them less resistant to scratching. These models are also noticeably sleeker and less “chunky” and showcase the pave diamonds.

Our Toronto jewellery store location carries an extensive collection of handmade engagement rings designs- both pre-set engagement rings as well as a wide array of loose settings. Each pre-set ring (one that already contains a center diamond) is tailored exactly to the size and shape of the center stone for a seamless, elegant look. The quality is evident; we use fine quality diamonds in our pave settings to ensure maximum sparkle and brilliance. Our customers have the ability to purchase a finished ring, but in most instances we work with them to build the custom handmade engagement ring of their dreams. Using the many styles we have in stock in addition to any photographs or ideas we will create the ring. We will also work with you on selecting a center diamond from our inventory of certified diamonds. The completed ring is always magnificent, and our clients walk away with a ring that they know is an exceptional one of a kind piece.

Every piece is made locally right here in Toronto City! This allows us complete control over the entire production process- from selecting the side diamonds to implementing every design detail. We are not constrained by factory delays, and a ring can be created within two weeks, if not faster upon special request. The final product is not presented to our clients until it has undergone a thorough inspection from our staff . You can browse our many styles on our website at www.mirajewellery.ca. We also invite you to visit our store and look at and try on each ring in person to see which style fit you best.

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