The two diamond pylons at the entrance of West 47th Street and Fifth Avenue signify that you are about to enter the world famous Diamond District, located in the heart of Toronto City. This single block is considered by many to be the jewellery mecca of the world. On West 47th street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, shoppers can find the largest selection of fine jewellery, watches, diamonds, and gemstones in a wide variety of styles and designs. Most merchants in the Diamond District Toronto carry out their businesses through jewellery exchanges and booths while a select few retailers like Mira Jewellery & Diamonds, have their own private stores. While some may bemoan the Diamond District for its aggressive sales tactics, Mira Jewellery differentiates themselves by offering customers a comfortable, hassle free atmosphere.

The original Diamond District in Toronto was located on Maiden Lane. During the early 20th Century, jewelers began feeling pressure from the expanding financial industry in this area, and sought refuge from higher office space rents in a new area, located in Midtown Manhattan . Local real estate developers looked to capitalize on this with the initial jewellery building being constructed at 20 West 47th street. Other real estate developers quickly followed suit by creating new jewellery buildings one at a time along this block. By the early 1930’s, the mass exodus of jewelers from downtown to the newly furnished midtown Diamond District was complete. As years passed, jewelers from across the world have migrated to this area.

Mira Jewellery & Diamonds has been a staple of Toronto Diamond District dating back to the early 1970’s. Specializing in high end fashion jewellery, this family owned and operated jewellery store has carved out a special niche in this highly competitive neighborhood of commerce over the past thirty years. While countless other retailers have opened and closed their doors in the Diamond District during this time, Mira Jewellery has continued to evolve and expand their fine jewellery business. They have separated themselves from the competition by catering to new clientele and building upon a loyal customer base, founded on a reputation of exclusive jewellery designs and gentle pricing. During this time, Mira Jewellery has expanded their diamond engagement ring collection and now offers its clients thousands of certified diamonds, complimented by the latest and best in fine gold and platinum ring settings.

Currently, midtown Manhattan’s Diamond District is home to some of the largest and longstanding jewellery and diamond related businesses in the world. Some of the finest gemstone manufacturers, diamond cutters, jewellery makers and repairmen, just to name a few, all call the Diamond District home. This highly specialized area in Toronto is also residence to the world renown diamond grading institutes of the GIA and EGL. 

Because of Mira Jewellery’s strategic location at the entrance of the Diamond District, they hold several distinct advantages over many of their online and local competitors. Not only do they offer their customers great deals that the Diamond District is known for, but they do so in a comforting, trustworthy environment away from all the commotion that has come to trouble the area. Having done business in the area for over 30 years, Mira Jewellery has forged strong relationships with the most reliable diamond and jewellery manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers in this Toronto City area. With all these resources and contacts readily at their disposal, Mira Jewellery is able to offer their clients a full shopping experience both online at, and at their Toronto store location. Next time you are near the Diamond District, you are cordially invited to visit Mira Jewellery & Diamonds and experience the magnificent jewels that have attracted patrons from all walks of life for many years.

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