5 Essential Tips To Choose A Perfect Classic Wedding Ring For Women

wedding rings

Wedding Rings – A Symbol of Everlasting Love!

Your wedding ring is a symbol of love & commitment that you make to each other, so it’s very important that you choose a ring that’ll cherish forever.

Choosing sparking diamond wedding rings from Mira Jewellery is the best way to say “YES!”

From vintage to modern wedding rings, there are a number of styles to suit every taste and budget. Each diamond in the wedding band is expertly handcrafted in the lustre of platinum, silver, white or rose gold by the professional designers.

Explore our breath-taking collections of wedding rings for women in great styles like curved, classic or vintage with glistening diamonds in white, blue and many more.


wedding rings

Whether you are looking for an intricate design or custom designed rings that says something special or select something simple & sophisticated from our fine jewelry collection, Mira Jewellery works with you every step to make your dream ring a reality.

The wedding rings which holds such importance should be chosen with a little care. So, we are providing some essential tips while choosing it.

#1: Engagement & Wedding Ring

Is your partner going to wear two rings? She already has her engagement ring in her hand and now a wedding ring too. So, choose one that suits the later one. You can choose a wedding ring which would complement the one she already has.

wedding rings


Many women wear their wedding ring with their engagement ring also, while some choose to wear only one ring to represent both. This is because the wedding ring is considered the ultimate metaphor for eternal love. A curved diamond wedding ring will look perfect that goes well with any of your dresses.

“Your wedding ring should always complement your engagement ring and it should not take away from your engagement ring, so sometimes less is more.”

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#2: Comfort-Fit Rings

Before buying anything that we check is, if we are comfortable in or with that particular stuff or not. Depending on the designs of the wedding ring, we cross-check whether the ring is comfortable & can be used for long term.

wedding rings

A sparkling diamond wedding ring with a center stone looks great & fantastic, but sometimes you may find it uncomfortable in the long run end. For example, if the gemstones settled on the ring irritate your other fingers, especially if they are settled around the metal band. It may be easily scratched or get caught in the clothes you wear. It’ so irritating, Right!

Consider wedding rings for women with flush-mounted stones to avoid this problem. If you’re searching the ring that is worn every day, choose wisely while you are purchasing the ring for your “BIG DAY!”


#3: Choose Metal Wisely

Should you choose white gold or yellow gold or silver or platinum wedding rings? There are a number of options available while you are choosing a wedding ring that suits your style and personality.


wedding rings


Choosing metal for your wedding rings can be tougher because of the option available in the market. You can choose white gold or yellow, platinum, palladium, silver etc. Each metal has its own qualities and color tones.

Yellow gold would be a good option as it tarnishes with time. White gold can be a good option but its shine remains till the rhodium coating lies on it. And after that reapplication of rhodium becomes necessary. Platinum can be the best option, but if you want something like platinum, but a little cheaper, then you can go for palladium.


#4: Style Matters

Choosing the wedding ring of your dream is as important as your day itself. After all, you’re going to wear the ring in your finger for the remaining lifetime.  If you choose one according to the latest fashion trend then might be after some years, your preference may change and it would look old fashioned.

So, when you are buying wedding ring, consider our sensational style options available within our extensive collection that you can feel spoilt for choice.
wedding rings


We at Mira Jewellery offer many styles, shapes, and sizes of diamond wedding ring so that you can make the best possible decision. Look for classics pieces, as even after years it won’t fail to impress you and surely it is not going out of style.

Looking for more unique designs, view our engagement ring settings and style options for detailed information.


#5: Design Your Own Wedding Ring

A wedding is a ceremony in which every bride wants to look unique. With our custom jewelry service, you can have the one you vision into a reality. Design your own ring & have a unique piece on your finger for a lifetime. Because every bride deserves to look the best.

Do you really wish to design your own wedding ring? If YES, it can be possible! Now you design or create your own dream ring easily only at Mira Jewellery.


wedding rings


Our Jewelry designers will help you to customize your wedding ring with different color gemstones or diamonds or metals that will create a one-of-a-kind ring that is perfect for you.

Create your unique ring according to your specifications in three easy steps.

  • 1: Choose a setting
  • 2: Choose a diamond
  • 3: Review your ring

A custom designed ring will be unique and one-of-a-kind – unique to you!

“A custom wedding ring brings your design ideas to life.”


 A Diamond Is for a Life Time!!

“A Diamond Is for a Life Time” this marketing tagline alone has set the trend of Diamond in Wedding and Engagement. You are going to marry once in your lifetime, then why not have something, which would be a symbol of love and pride that too for whole life?

And before buying a diamond, don’t forget to check its quality, it can be checked “the 4 Cs of diamonds” (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight).

Want to engrave a message for your life partner, their name, or wedding date! You can do it with our custom Custom jewelry service @ Mira Jewellery

Want To Buy A Diamond Wedding Ring?

We are here to help you find the perfect wedding ring!

We at Mira Jewellery invite you to browse our exquisite collection of wedding rings for women and search through our hundreds of jewelry designs. Browse our exquisite collections of Diamond Engagement Rings Toronto, wedding rings, and diamond earrings that will symbolize your love forever.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us and have any one of our representatives assist you with finding the perfect wedding ring for your needs at the most affordable prices.

Still confused? Don’t worry! Talk to our jewelry expert or come in to discover how fun and rewarding custom made jewelry can really be.

“If you can dream it, we can make it.”

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