6 Ways to Restyle Or Upgrade Your Wedding Rings for Women

wedding rings for women
C ongratulations — you’ve wedding rings for womenfound the one you want to spend your whole life with.

Now we’ll help you find the perfect wedding ring.

Wedding rings are not just a ring, but a ring with emotions, feelings, and reminder of your partner’s love.

“Upgrading your wedding ring is a great way to preserve the sentimentality of the original ring by retaining the center diamond.”

Over the years, whether your taste changes in jewelry or your financial situation may have changed, whatever the reason may be, there are a variety of ways to upgrade your wedding ring.

We at Mira Jewellery ensure you to get the wedding ring you’ve always dreamed of.

Explore our vast collections of wedding rings for women in styles ranging from antique-inspired to unique modern designs.

Thinking of Upgrading your Wedding Rings?

There are many ways to approach a wedding ring upgrade, depending on the style of the original ring. Here we are giving you unique ideas to upgrade your wedding rings to give a refreshing & classy look.

#1: Change or Upgrade the Center Stone

Looking to upgrade a bigger center stone? If you are looking to change the center stone or retain the original look of your wedding ring with a higher quality stone, be sure to take into account how the new stone will differ in appearance when set in the ring.


wedding rings for women


A big stone provides more sparkle and brilliance to your wedding ring. As you upgrade, keep a few things in mind, pay attention to the cut & clarity of the ring. The cut is usually responsible for the reflection of light through it.

“The better cut, the better will be the sparkle of the diamond wedding ring.”

The clarity refers to the flaws of the diamond. If you want a diamond check if the flaws are visible with the naked eyes, if not then surely go for it.

#2: Surround Your Diamond with a Halo of Diamonds

If you want to give your ring a different look altogether, consider adding a halo of diamonds around your center stone. Reset your original wedding ring with a diamond halo setting, adding a wow factor.


wedding rings for women


A halo setting is basically a line of small diamond around the center diamond. The halo setting increases the size of the center stone which improves the look of the ring, adding up more sparkle to your ring.

Not Satisfied With A Single Halo Setting? You Can Add Two!

Two halo setting around your center stone will completely do wonders & drastically change its look. This is also cost-effective in comparison of replacing the center stone. It’s a perfect wedding rings for women.


#3: Infuse Colored Gemstones to the Setting

Looking to add a little more bling to your center stone?  Consider adding a halo of colored gemstones to your wedding ring.  Colored gemstone setting would make you amazed with the new look it would carry.


wedding rings for women


Choose a gemstone which would complement the overall look of a diamond wedding ring. Wedding rings for women come in all colors including sapphires, rubies & emeralds which adds a completely unique and totally different look of your ring.

Add colored gemstones according to your birthstone, your spouse’s birthstone, your child’s birthstone or accordingly of your anniversaries like sapphire for 5th or 45th or ruby for 15th or 40thIf you want a little drama or a tint of color in your wedding ring, then this is the best option available for you.


#4: Adding Side Stones to highlight Your Center Diamond

Want to upgrade the amount of diamond on your ring? If yes!! Add side stones to your current ring which will help you to keep your wedding ring simple and classic.

Sometimes couple doesn’t want to replace the center diamond even if they can afford better, because they are much attached to their ring.  In this case, you can add-up side stones on both sides of the center stone.


wedding rings for women


The extra stones that you add to your wedding ring can be medium or small sized diamonds.  While choosing the side stone, check if it compliments the center stone or not or it being something contrast.

You can ask your jewelry designer to provide you the complete look after upgradation, this would make easier for you in taking a decision. Go for this if you want to make your spending worth it.


#5: Have a Peg Setting

If you have a peg setting in your ring then you have one of the best option offered for upgradation. The majority of head peg setting features either four or six prongs securing the center diamond.


wedding rings for women


What is a peg setting?

In a peg setting, a diamond or any other stone is fixed which is set over the metal band of the diamond wedding ring. Same as the golf ball on the golf tee.

In this case, you can change the stone in the peg setting with a larger stone in the ring. So this will effectively upgrade the whole and a tint of a refreshed look of the ring. Learn more in details about different engagement ring settings and styles.


#6: Change the Setting

A new setting may be just what you need to add a little flair to your center stone. If you just don’t like the setting style of your wedding ring, we at Mira Jewellery can change it with slight alterations.


wedding rings for women


We can change the whole ring with a new design to make the ring more functional and look more modern. You can also change the metal of the band of the ring with a trend.

You can opt for rose gold, white gold, platinum and other options existing in the market. This would entirely change the look of your ring keeping the emotional asset of generations of your family.  Discover the perfect collection of wedding rings for women at Mira Jewellery!!


It’s Time for an Upgrade?

Looking out to reset your wedding rings for women? Make an appointment or visit our jewelry store today!

“No matter what your goal is – Upgraded, Restyled, Reimagined or Completely New? Mira Jewellery is here to help you find or create a wedding ring that matches your style and personality.”

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“A custom wedding ring brings your design ideas to life.”


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