5 Unique Engagement Rings To Add Your Wish List

unique engagement rings

Celebrate The Journey Of Love With Unique Engagement Rings By Mira Jewellery!

Congratulation on taking the next step in your love story! You are in one of the most delicate, yet beautiful time phase of your lifetime, moving up from the enchanting level of love to a mesmerizing level of commitment.

You are making every small effort that can make her and your special day a little more embellished and memorable. Selecting a timeless sparkling diamond engagement ring can add a little dazzling touch to your special day by making it unforgettable.

Here we are sharing gorgeous engagement rings that will last forever and make your special day more memorable.


Gorgeous Engagement Rings for Your Special Day

#1: The Halo Setting

Halo rings had made debut in the early 20s and were a trend in that era. Even now in the era of fashion, it has remarked itself as one of the popular choices among brides-to-be. A halo ring usually encircles the center diamond with a small diamond for the added glamorous and classy look. This gives the ring a timeless touch and boosts the sparkle with the unique cut.


Unique engagement rings


Halo engagement rings are one of the most desirable styles which are the secret behind the mass appeal for would-be-bride. The sparkle of the center diamond is intensified by the small accent diamond which gives it a cutting edge and eye-catching impact adding an eternal elegance and endless spark.


#2: The Marquise Cut

The famous Marquise cut also known as the boat-shaped cut, the football-shaped cut, the eye-shaped cut or the navette, is a less used vintage cut for engagement purpose. It has 58 facets for the slender cut and elongated tapering point on both ends which gives a flattering look. The elliptical shape makes it look larger than it is in reality, emphasizing the shine and luster of a perfect cut.


Unique engagement rings


The marquise diamond cut has made a comeback in the trends nowadays. Once it had a regal status and considered as a royal cut. The elongated diamond with pointed tips on both ends appears as a unique shape for an unconventional bride to be.


#3: Rose Gold – Perfect for Every Women

Being the most popular choice among the would-be-bride, it has a feminine touch because of the pinkish undertone. The most beautiful thing about this vivid alloy is that it has both modern & vintage feel which makes it a perfect timeless jewelry pieces.


Unique engagement rings


Rose gold has been encountered to overtake the mainstream market in the recent few years. Possibly there are no chances of this respective trend going out of the fashion. In the 1800s, it was made by mixing copper in gold which ended in a beautiful pink undertone metal, a perfect option for a classic jewel.

The metal goes great with any skin tone and has a classy look and vintage touch, perfect for a bride. With Mira Jewellery exquisite collection of engagement rings, from classic to traditional, you’re sure to find the right one.


#4: Princess Cut – More Sparkle in Less

The princess cut often addressed as a ‘square modified brilliant’ one of the popular choices for engagement ring. It owns the Excellency of round cut having a larger appearance of square and rectangular.

Usually, the respective cut has 49 to 78 facets, but give a greater brilliance, if 78 facets are chosen. This cut not only appears classy but add a timeless standout style, perfect for a Unique Engagement Rings.


unique engagement rings


This ring includes some extra facets that add to the sparkle by dispersing and hiding inclusion, giving the same radiance at slightly a cheaper price. This contemporary sassy square cut will appeal to would-be-bride, so don’t forget to keep this engagement ring in your wishlist.

Choose from a wide exclusive collection of engagement ring settings to find the perfect fit!


#5: Baguettes – The Regal Cut

One of the popular diamond cuts in the early 20th century, due to its straight, elongated cuts. It carries a sharp geometrical shape with distinct diamond cut, a perfect option for center stone to have a timeless vintage touch.


unique engagement rings


Conventionally, the baguettes cut diamond has 14 facets giving an elevated luster but less brilliance in terms of cut if compared with the clarity and crisp cut of round diamonds. Emerald-cut diamonds usually devour 50 to 58 facets.

This is one of the simplest and elegant clean cut, with slender and long outlines, sets it apart from the rest of the cuts lending a matchless and exceptional look. If you are looking for something classy and dazzling antique piece, this is a must buy for you.


Looking for a gorgeous piece to signify your never-ending love for one another?

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