7 Timeless Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Own

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Revamp Your Wardrobe With These

Timeless Jewelry Pieces

A ccessories add on to the overall adornment of the look you carry.

Selecting the right type of accessories can add a perfect touch of elegance, grace, and charm to your daily style. Picking up timeless accessories can resolve your regular problems of having that breath taking look, making a standout addition to your jewelry collection.

Furthermore, these vintage jewel pieces go great with every look you carry, making an additional pop up of style, classiness, and modesty. Yes, the little black dress is the must-have part of our wardrobe, but the jewelry plays the key role in enhancing whatever you wore giving up the required lavishing vibe.

Even if they are small and subtle, they can still add the missing fabulous fashion and sleek style. So, getting timeless classics jewelry will not only complement your jewellery collection, but the stunning piece will put you in the spotlight!

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#1. The Chain Necklace

A statement necklace adds a touch of royalty to any outfit. Being a versatile jewel which can go out with any style you carry, the chain necklace carries the same appeal till now. It is one of the must-have jewelry that you need to own. Wear it to add elegance, or pair up with other necklaces to have a bohemian charm.

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Whether you are looking necklace for everyday wear or just to accessorize with a patterned floral top, we at Mira Jewellery has a wide array of charm necklaces, chains, and pendants available in gold and silver to accessorize the perfect look.

“Get a perfect sassy style with a chain necklace to add the perfect finishing touch.”


#2. A Charm Bracelets

Ping the spotlight to your wrist with sparkling bracelets. Empty hands don’t look right, adorn yourself with our gorgeous twinkling bracelets. This would entice every eye in the parties or the club and even in the office too.

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Being a timeless piece, it is essential jewelry that goes right every way. Buy a bracelet with a floral design or some delicate detail, you can even go with a design having stars and heart. Explore our finest collection of ethically handcrafted beaded bracelets, bangles and chain bracelets that suit all tastes and styles. We at Mira Jewellery create classic, bold and beautiful jewelry that is guaranteed to elevate your look.

#3. Diamond Studs

Diamond stud earrings are the one-of-a-kind jewelry and perfect for any occasion. These classic diamond studs are the perfect complement to any outfit at any time.

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Diamonds studs are one of the jewelry pieces that need to be with every woman accessory box. Choose a sassy piece of diamonds studs, available in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold metals that can go with your styles. Here at Mira Jewellery, we offer a wide variety of diamond studs in a variety of carat weights and metal settings, so you can find a perfect pair for you!

Accessorize in style with elegant diamond earrings from Mira Jewellery! 


#4. A Cocktail Ring

Bored with that simple subtle cute look? Go bold and heavy with the cocktail look to dress up any outfit and show off those perfectly polished fingertips. Discover a new side of your personality with these cocktail rings.

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Due to the heavy center stone with the sparkle of diamond accent around, these cocktail rings will elevate your style and brighten your look. Discover our unique collection of statement and cocktail fashion rings for women for the splendid and lavishing feature in the evening parties.

“Raise your glass to these cocktail rings and take a look to find your favorite one!”


#5. Pearl Jewelry

Pearls Are Always Appropriate! Nothing carries the elegance, grace, and delicacy as the pearls do! Pearl Jewelry add a simple, subtle and classy look that every woman want. Whether it is a pair of pearl earring or bracelet or even a necklace, it adds a stylish glow to any outfit.

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Try pearl jewelry with other jewels to have a stunning timeless piece. Add an elegance of crystal or accent of diamond around the pearl for a perfect dazzling look. Enhance your beauty with our extensive collection of pearl jewelry, which includes wedding rings for women, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets and more only at Mira Jewellery.

#6. Diamond Accented Hoop Earrings 

Being a trendsetter in the early 90s, this has made comeback in the fashion from time to time. Just a perfect piece to carry a youthful look. A sparkle diamond accent over a yellow or white gold hoop hanging on both ears can create an amazing and stunning look. This timeless piece knows the right way to grabs attention.

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Want to get a chunky and peppy piece in your jewel box, which can make you look prettier, even in the daily outfit you were. Hoops are here for you girls! Choose a captivating piece of hoops to show off your sophisticated side of style. Read diamond earring tips for purchasing a perfect pair as a gift or for yourself!

Build your fashion confidence with diamond-accented hoop earrings!

Want One Of The Piece Right In Your Jewellery Box?

These timeless jewelry collections should be a part of every woman. Our jewelry collection has all form of exquisite timeless antic style to the contemporary modern trends that you surely are going to fall in love with.

You can pick one up one from our breathtaking piece of lavishing yet subtle collection and design or create a vintage-inspired jewel with the custom jewelry option.

So, what are you waiting for?

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