6 Latest Spring Jewelry Trends That Will Never Go Out Of Style

spring jewelry trends
I t’s okay to be a little obsessed with jewelry!

Being in fashion and walking with trends are like a birthright for a woman. You never want to go out of style, so you follow every trend to get it right with the fashion pace.

When it comes to jewelry, you never want to go wrong. It’s like your fundamental right to always have all the trending pieces in your jewelry box.

From wedding rings to necklace, diamond earrings to a bracelet and many more, you want to buy all to get the peppiness glamorous look it can give. We always want to be in trend, this is in their blood. So, why not following the trend of this year. Want to know the spring Jewelry trends 2019? Just Scroll Down!


The Spring Jewelry Trends 2019: What’s New?

How wonderful!

A new jewelry year is ahead of us. Time to look around and take a closer look at the latest spring jewelry trends.


#1: Wedding Bands with a Sassy Touch

Capture your moment with trending wedding bands!

Wedding bands have come up with stunning chunkiness. Going to be coupled is in love with the sassiness of colors, with gemstone embedded in the band along with the diamonds.

Triple tone or two-tone wedding bands have their own craze. Eternity band can never go out of style. What this year has amazed is the vintage-inspired wedding bands, women are putting these in cart to get an evergreen lavishing ring to wear off whole life as a reminder of their love.

spring jewelry trends

Everyone goes for the trend to stay in style & to flaunt themselves, but there are women who are confident to do something out of the league. These women who are the trendsetter creates their own style by the custom jeweler service.

If you want a unique exclusive magnificent piece of wedding band that define your style, we would suggest you to go for the custom jewelry thing!


#2: Bling & Sling Bracelets

Time has gone when the women moved empty handed with a modern chunky dress. To add a more flavor to their style, they are adding a little bling to their dressing with the trending bling bracelets.

spring jewelry trends

Whether you are going to a party or to simple evening dinner, these trending Bracelets would add a sparky sassiness to your entire look. Besides the bling thing, colorful bracelets trends with mismatch dressing or a complementing one can add the wow factor to your appearance, blowing away the dullness!

So what are you waiting for? We at Mira Jewellery has a wide range of collection of contemporary bracelets for women that will help to add more bling to your look.

“Add a charm of your choice or browse our range of engravable styles!”


#3: Link in Necklaces

When it comes to a necklace, you would love to have one. Broad link necklaces are being adopted as the go-to everyday jewelry worn by every woman.

Pair up the necklace with everything from a basic T-shirt to a more elevated dress for a night out which gives a fashion diva kind of feel. If you want to get a distinctive and matchless piece of jewel, Link in the necklace is for you girl.

spring jewelry trends

The other necklaces trend which has popped out from nowhere area pile on necklaces and one with unusual pendants. Pile on Necklaces has several necklaces combined together to give a heavy look, this would be good if you pair it up with off shoulder dress. It would fill the emptiness with the heavy sassiness and dangle it carries.

Next is the unusual pendants, these necklaces have long chains and an unusual pendant hanging it. The pendant usually has a rare shape that accompanies different gemstone with diamond for a glittery and glitzy look. You can have this for an offbeat and out of the ordinary look.


#4: High Drip Drop & Big Hoop Earrings

Bored of the same bland earing style, go for something unusual try the high drip drop earring. Tie up your hair and let it hang around your earring and flaunt itself.

Diamond Earring trends would add up a tint of glamour to give you a sexy stunning look. Hanging earring with a drop of pearl or diamond can go best. For metals, you can use the blended one like rose gold, platinum or yellow gold to add chunkiness of color.

spring jewelry trends

After the high drip drop earring, the next trending earring is the big hoops. With the preppy and whimsical color, these big hoops have broken the boundaries of fashion to become a global style.

The jewelry designers are making a fusion with embedded diamond for a radiant and sparkly look. The experiments are countless embedded gemstone on hoops are making women crazy.  You can get all the trendsetter Diamond Earrings Toronto at Mira Jewellery.


#5: Exotic & Glamorous Cocktails Rings

For a heavy look, you always want an irreplaceable Cocktail Rings, then why not having one in trends. Cocktail rings have been taken to a new level with the curvy wavy structure taken, with added daintiness of embedded small diamonds.

spring jewelry trends

Big Gemstones in halo setting are loved by all, because of the lavishing and glamorous look it carries. There may be a single, double or even tipple halo setting or a halo setting in the form of a flower or any design to add a matchless look.

All women want to look different and this is it for you. The next cocktail ring is the blend of a chunky gemstone. A different gemstone with complementing or contrast colors are taken together at the center to create a magnificent cocktail ring that every girl would want in her jewelry box.


#6: Set Your Own Trend with Custom Jewellery Making

Why follow the trend? You have the stylish enigma to create one! Set your own trend with custom jewelry making at Mira Jewellery. Custom making allows you to experiment and create a unique design, a matchless one.

spring jewelry trends

You can play with combining different metal, diamonds or gemstones to come with a distinctive peppy piece. Gemstones have occupied the trends list this year, from earring to ring, necklaces to bracelets, they are everywhere.

You can use the gemstone to get the chunkiness of color eventually to get a classy stunning jewel. Custom jewelry opens up the boundaries and allows you to set your own with a lavishing sassy touch.


Transform Your Wardrobe with These Spring Jewellery Trends

Loved some cool trends from the above list, want to add in fashion peppiness in your jewel box.  We at Mira Jewellery have all of the jewelry pieces that you need to complete your show-stopping look.

From the popular contemporary style of jewelry to the bold attention-grabbing design, we have maintained our collection with the antique artisan to the modern day exotic jewelry.

You can choose a cutting edge stylish pieces from our exclusive trending jewelry collection or set your own trend with the custom jewelry mississauga services.

“If you can’t stop thinking about it, time to

Buy it!”

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