A Guide to Choose the Right Earrings That Suits Your Face Shape

Choosing Earring Accordingly Your Face Type Make Your Look More Appealing!

It would surprise you but getting a jewel piece according to your face type can do wonder. A pair of earrings that complements your face feature can turn ordinary you into fashionable and trendy. All you need is to select the right pair of earrings.

Your facial features play an important role in our appearance. Considering that in mind can lend you with not only radiant and dazzling pieces of ear jewel but a complementary one. Picking up the right pair can add on elegance and charm that may be lacking in your look.

Usually, when you purchase an ornament, you go for the budget, sparkle and the dainty charming features and forget yourself. You forget to check if the pair would suit you or not. However, keeping this in account won’t only have you a lavishing piece but it would add the perfect allure to your style.

All of this can be possible, only if you know the right pair of earring for your face type. So, we have come up with this blog to get to the best eye-catching flawless earrings that suit you.


Earrings Style According To Your Face Type

Keeping your face type in mind, while buying a pair of ear jewel can get you the perfect tempting look. Considering your face type before buying you can get an exceptional earrings pair. This would lend you a prismatic radiant look making you more appealing.

For that, you need to know the right piece of jewel for your face type. To know read the blog for the best-suited earring for your face shape.

#1: Earrings For Round Face Shape

If you are Round face type, then the widest part of your face would be the cheeks. Since having a circular shape, there would be no visible jawline and tapered chin. Your face can be complemented with earrings which are long and dangling, you can choose from a variety of styles and designs with sparkle.

Most Popular Earrings Styles for Round Face:

  • Elongated diamond teardrops or diamond stud earrings for round face goes best.
  • Long earrings with flattering bauble at the end,
  • Cascade of chunky alluring gemstones & diamonds, etc.

To avoid:

You should avoid earring in a circular or round shape. These sassy earrings may grab your eyes and make you want them, but remember these earrings would look your face rounder.


#2: Earrings For Square Face Shape

Square faces have subtle facial features, having similar width and length. Whether it is your jawline or cheekbones, both have the same width, but it doesn’t mean that your chin and jaw are in the same plane. This means all of your facial features are in a square set.

Choose earrings that are medium to long with rounded edges, or those that have oval or circular shapes which will complement your look. For square-face, hoop earrings are a great choice and are so on trend at the moment!

Here we are sharing some diamond earring tips that will help enhance your natural beauty and show off your personal style.

Most Popular Earrings Styles for Square Face:

  • Sagging circular Earrings with sparkle,
  • Rounder earrings like button types, pearls, etc.
  • Large and glamorous Hoop earrings will give you the desired classy and fashionable look you love.

To Avoid:

For square faced shape it’s better to avoid wider earrings, as these will exaggerate your facial features making it look wider than before.

#3: Earrings For Oval Face Shape

If you have an oval shape, you are dam lucky. Such facial shape can flaunt any style of earrings. Each would complement your look, giving you the fashion diva kind of look. However, for the best appealing look we have come up with few tips, check it out:

Most Popular Earrings Styles for oval shaped face:

  • Long teardrop earrings would give you fashion fit look,
  • Floppy and long earrings in an oval shape,
  • Earring with wider ending design would give the perfect compatible look, drawing attention from your pointed chin to itself.

Oval-faced structure gives you right for the limitless experiment. Try out a different earring with complex shaped, accented diamond or subtle gemstones, each time to have that extravagant classy look.

#4: Earrings For Heart Face Shape

Heart shaped face! You must have fine facial features with a pointed chin, as moving upwards it gets wider, forehead being the widest. Your look can be highlighted with long curvy earrings.

Most Popular Earrings Styles for Heart-Shaped Face:

  • Elongated earring with curvy shape can best complement
  • Stunning glitz chandelier.
  • Longer teardrop earring with a fusion of gemstone, different metal alloys, or diamond styles.

These are the best Diamond earring option for women with a heart shape. Browse our stunning collection of Diamond Earrings Toronto Today!


#5: Earrings For Diamond Face Shape

Making a selection of Earrings for diamond face shape can be a tough task. The widest central part, tapered chin, and forehead giving a perfect shape of diamond, the highlighting part of these earrings are the prominent cheekbones.

Most Popular Earrings Styles for Diamond Face Shape:

  • Long dangling earrings with curvy and diamond accent ending.
  • Chandelier with wider ending with alluring gems or sparkle of diamond to balance out your facial features.
  • You can along go for a bulky cluster or diamond studs.



#6: Earrings For Rectangular Face Shape

If your face has the rectangular cut, it is somewhat like the square faced but a little elongated. To complement your facial feature you can try out longer earrings, this would add the perfect elegance to your look.

Most Popular Earrings Styles for Rectangular Face:

  • Long teardrop with accented diamonds on bauble or with unique shapes.
  • Rounder shaped earrings like diamond studs, pearl or gemstones.
  • Mismatch Clusters of pearls, precious gems are also popular Diamond Earrings Trends.

To avoid:

Avoid any type of wide earring, as it would make your face widen and outcome as a disastrous look.



Choose the Perfect Earrings for Your Face Shape

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