9 Tips to Buy Custom-made Wedding Rings For Your Love

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A re you confused to choose your wedding ring between the numerous options available? Why not going for a custom-made wedding ring. It would not only get you one of your dreams but also that represents your style!

We have seen a couple going store to store and not getting the ring which would grab their eyes twinkling and say. “Yes, I am the one.” If you don’t get the one in the ready-made diamond rings, why not getting just make the one you want. At Mira Jewellery, we provide custom made wedding rings for women to deliver you the best.

Custom-Made Wedding Rings For Your Love

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We will give you some general tips so that you can buy the best custom-made wedding rings from the collection.

#1: Start Early

Starting early for your custom-made wedding ring will give you the best result. As creating your own design ring would take couples of a month to get your desire to reality. There may be a chance that you change your design partially or completely in the mid-way. So starting early would give you some time to create the best one.

There are a couple who get their ring in a mere time of a few days. And there are few couples too, who take a year in designing their Wedding rings. It’s your own pace to complete the designing work. So, our recommendation is to schedule your appointment before 3 months.

Take time and get the best ring in your hand


#2: Budget

Don’t confuse custom with expensive! If you decide your budget earlier than a good jeweler can advise you the best design that too in your decided budget.

However, a custom-made wedding ring is expensive when compared to a ready-made available in the market. But the custom-made wedding ring allows you to get what you want that too in your budget. Get the ring of your dream that too in your budget!

#3: Choose a Reputable Jeweler

Selecting your jeweler is a tough task. You need to find the jeweler on whose expertise and advice you can believe on. The jeweler should be the pledge to give you the assurance of 100% satisfaction through his work.

Because you are not only going to spend your earning on the custom-made wedding ring but your time and creativity too. We are one of the best custom jewelry stores in Toronto, Ontario.

Choose wisely, go for reputed jewelry shop!


#4: Try Lots of Different Rings

Wedding Rings for women in the majority are one of the most expensive jewels, which they will possess. So, why not choose a ring that would complement you in every style, go for the one that goes with your style or like.

You are going to marry once, so don’t you choose your partner after many dates to know him/her the best if he/she is the one or not? Then why not for the ring? Eh! This is the ring that you are going to have for your lifetime. That’s why you should try all the options available, try a different style, setting and diamond shape. This will help you decide which style, setting or diamond cut is flattering most.

#5: Express Your Creativity

A custom-made wedding ring doesn’t only give you the engagement ring of your choice in your budget. But it provides wings to your creativity to get a unique wedding ring for women. You can play with designs as many as you can, you can try a different setting, different stones, and metals etc. to get a unique result. You can try something classic or polished stone or brushed metal to get an unusual style.

Before designing a ring for yourself or someone else, be a detective. Make your research about Wedding Rings for women, try to consider respective styles when designing custom-made wedding ring.

Your creativity will lend you a ring of one of its kind!


#6: Be Prepared To Be Involved

Buying a custom-made wedding ring is significantly different from getting one off the shelf. If you are thinking of custom wedding rings for women then you need to be prepared for getting involved.

You have to visit your jeweler numerous times to see how the design process is going on! Getting a custom-made wedding ring, get ready to collaborate!

#7: Think About the Engagement Ring

Your wedding ring needs to complement your engagement ring because you are going to wear them together. You can try different wedding rings to see if it goes with your engagement ring or not.
You can take the help of the jeweler or designer to create a custom-made wedding ring that suits your engagement ring.

#8: Use Your Imagination

You might not see the ring before its finally finalized. But some of the jewelers can get you the 3D models and sketches of the ring or wax mold.

Even if you have imagined your ring, you won’t be able to get any idea about its weight or touch it till it in your hand.

#9: Warranties & Aftercare

Before getting the ring, make sure you have got everything in writing. You need to confirm the details like the purity of metal, delivery date, and cost. Check if they offer warranties or aftercare.

Don’t forget to get your ring insured: you have to include that the ring is custom made and its makers need to be mentioned. Mira jewelry offers you manufacturing warranty to the jewelry piece you are buying from us.

Design your own custom wedding ring with Mira Jewellery!

We at Mira Jewellery have the best custom jewelry service in Toronto. We can give your imagination figure and creativity turn into reality. We design engagement Rings, wedding rings, Diamond Earrings Mississauga and other jewelry.

Have questions about the custom-made wedding ring? Don’t hesitate to contact our representative, they will assist you to get the perfect Wedding Rings for women!

“If You Can Imagine, We Can Create.”

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