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Fashion trends are constantly changing. For this reason, it’s important to shop for beautiful, unique pieces that will withstand the test of time despite the ever-changing world of jewellery.

What You’ll Find At Mira


Our expert jewelers provide a professional experience that leaves our customers feeling appreciated. We take pride in creating lasting relationships with our customers and satisfaction is always our main concern.


With over two decades of continuous experience, the amount of knowledge and expertise our jewelers bring to the table is truly remarkable.


Undeniably, the quality of our pieces cannot be surpassed by our competition. We specialize in using only the finest gem stones and diamonds in our pieces. Perfection is the game and we’ve mastered it!

Ethics, Expertise, And Beauty

It’s been two decades since the creation of Mira Jewellery and we’ve made it a point to only use ethically sourced gems and stones in our pieces. Simply put, we’re leading the forefront of change when it comes to straightforward and sustainable jewellery in the Toronto area.

Our goal is to provide the public with beautiful pieces of wearable art that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. The vision behind our goal is a jewellery company that lives by exceptional standards while placing customers first.

The Evolution Of Our Brand

Focusing on providing nothing but the highest quality pieces has helped our brand become all that it is today. For years, our expert jewelers have created breathtaking pieces consisting of only the most superb jewels.

Everything you’ll find at Mira has been hand-crafted by experts with a sharp eye for detail as well as the experience needed to create remarkable jewellery time and time again.

One thing is certain. We’re not in the business of cutting corners or being deceptive. We take a lot of pride in our pieces which is why you will never find anything besides the finest gems, diamonds, yellow and white gold, as well as platinum.

We believe that our value on excellent service is what has fueled our success through the years. We started as a small business just as most jewellery stores do. It all began with an idea as well as the current owner’s interest in fine jewellery. We’ve come a long way since our opening many years ago.

Thanks to our exceptional service, integrity, and one of a kind pieces we’ve created a large base of repeat customers and quickly made a name for ourselves in the Toronto area.

Tapping Into The Online Community

We like to think of ourselves as the perfect example of how hard work, determination, and word of mouth can quickly bring a business to an incredible level of success. Working our way from a small showroom to one of the leading jewellery brands in Toronto was no easy task, but we loved every minute of the ride.

We’ve always been a big supporter of local shopping, but we thought that that taking our business to the next level would be a great idea, not only for ourselves but for people all over the world that would enjoy our timeless pieces. This thought is what provoked the creation of our online showcase and is also what has brought you here to us today.

Mastering The Art

Working closely together, the founder as well as the team at Mira Jewellery have mastered the art of creating top of the line pieces that people of all ages and cultures can enjoy. Our impact on the jewellery trade in Toronto has brought the importance of quality back to life.

We’ve managed to create a brand that exceeds the expectations of our customers with ease. Years of a strong customer base has helped us turn our dream of a successful brand into a reality. We love to repay their loyalty by supplying hand-crafted, unique, and beautiful designs that can be worn with pride and honor.

Devotion And Expansion

Our fairly new online showcase has opened the door for an incredible amount of opportunity for ourselves as well as our shoppers. We’re quickly expanding and most importantly, we’re excited to be able to welcome new members into the Mira family from far and wide. The Toronto community helped make us what we are today and we’re thankful to now be able to share our vision with the world.

There’s no other way to put it. We are devoted to quality and we will stop at nothing when it comes to guaranteeing the satisfaction of every single one of our customers.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns we encourage you to reach out to us and let us know what’s on your mind.

A Strict Philosophy Of Only Offering The Best

The philosophy we have followed since our creation is simple yet powerful. We only offer the best and this is what has allowed us to excel beyond our competition with ease.

Sadly, many other companies don’t see the trade the same way the team at Mira does. We have devoted our lives to creating timeless jewellery with an emphasis on style that helps our customers create the perfect version of themselves. We’ve got you covered when it comes to anything from elegant engagement rings to jewellery that will be passed down through several generations.

We had to work hard to form our extraordinary reputation and we would never do anything to damage it. Our vision of a reputable brand that places value on quality and integrity is what separates Mira from the rest. We truly are a one of a kind jewellery company thanks to our close relationships with suppliers and endless satisfied customers.

Mira’s Promise

Your satisfaction is always the top priority. If you are ever unsatisfied with any of our pieces, please do not hesitate to let us know. Without you, our vision would be nothing more than a dream instead of the incredible reality that it is today.

We also promise to continue providing the public with fine jewellery that will make them stand out from the crowd and be the most beautiful version of themselves.

Handcrafted, Exceptional Value

Look as hard as you want, but you’ll never find jewellery that compares to the exceptional value of our handcrafted jewellery. Mira has been in business for an incredible amount of time thanks to our keen eye for detail, an immense amount of experience, and a strong focus on doing things the right way.

Why Do We Do It?

Of course, we enjoy being a successful business. However, that’s not why we are in the business of crafting remarkable jewellery. Our main source of motivation is the eager desire to please our customers while making their brightest days even brighter.

Let Us Pass Our Knowledge On

We take a lot of pride in being one of the few companies that takes the time to educate our customers before they make a purchase. We’re not just trying to make a quick dollar. We want our customer base to make informed decisions that will ensure that all of their needs are met.

Our willingness to teach, our burning passion, as well as our countless years of experience are just a few of the things that put us on the leading edge of jewellery sales. Some may even say that we are obsessively passionate about what we do, but that’s a title that we will gladly claim with pride.

Many people wonder how we are able to provide such an incredible experience while staying true to our roots of integrity. The answer is really quite simple. It all comes down to our four-step operation principles.

Our Foundational Principles

We Test Before We Invest

We Maintain Excellence In Execution

We Make Disciplined Investments

We Continuously Improve

Let's Design Together